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Sustainability at Principi di Porcìa

A dynamic tradition and diversification in full respect for the environment


Principi di Porcìa, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, is one of the oldest wineries in Italy that operates on a diversification paradigm that integrates the traditional agricultural model of crop rotation—cereal grains, soy, forage crops, walnuts, and poplar trees—with its production of wine, with raising dairy cows, and with significant investments in electrical generation from renewable resources.

The agricultural estate, located in the province of Pordenone, comprises 850 hectares, of which 143 are in vineyard.

With roots going as far back as the Late Middle Ages, the operation can boast over 800 annual harvests; it vaunts the noble heritage of a family that for 55 generations has succeeded in maintaining its outstanding reputation and in preserving the historical memory and local tradition in the Pordenone area.

The agricultural estate is a perfect exemplar of the concept of “dynamic tradition,” or the ability to learn from the fund of knowledge handed down from the past, to renew one’s present, and to work in the context of the long-term. Such exemplification is true not only of the Porcìa e Brugnera family but of the entire local community as well, since the family’s development and growth is linked indissolubly with that of dozens of families in Porcìa and in Azzano Decimo, who have always provided their labour to the operation, over many centuries, from father to son, making this agricultural business as strong as it is in fact today.



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