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Fattoria di Azzano

Pinot grigio

Delle Venezie IGT

Typology: White Wine
Vineyard size: 14.27 hectares
Growing area: Azzano Decimo-Porcia (Pordenone)
Soil profile: Deep soil with a silty-clay loam texture, sub-alkaline with moderate limestone
Grape variety: Pinot grigio
Aspect: North-south
Average age of vines: 10 Jahre
Number of vines per hectare: 12000
Production per hectare: 15000
bottles produced on average: 14000
Average altitude: 30 mt. asl

The clusters are de-stemmed and the grapes gently pressed, at a maximum -0.9 atmospheres. The must is clarified through enzymatic settling followed by centrifuging, then ferments with cultured yeasts at 17-19°C; the result is a wine with crisp aromas and a full-flavoured palate.
Maturation: In steel
Bottle ageing: 1-2 months
Appearance: Light straw yellow with hints of amber
Bouquet: Fruity and crisp, very well-balanced
Palate: Full-flavoured and velvet-textured

Delicious with antipasti, fish soups, grilled lighter meats, and fish risotto.