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Castello di Porcia

Sauvignon Dry


Typology: Sparkling Wine
Vineyard size: 2,50 hectares
Growing area: Azzano Decimo-Porcia (Pordenone)
Soil profile: Deep soil with a silty-loam texture, alkaline and rich in limestone
Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Aspect: Northeast-Southwest
Average age of vines: 15 Jahre
Number of vines per hectare: 3000
Production per hectare: 9000
bottles produced on average: 6000
Average altitude: 25 mt. asl
Vinification: The grapes are de-stemmed and pressed gently, then the must ferments in steel at a controlled temperature. After a brief maturation on the lees, the wine undergoes a second fermentation and maturation in steel pressure fermenters
Maturation: In steel
Bottle ageing: 1 month
Appearance: Luminous straw yellow
Bouquet: Refined, subtle, and complex
Palate: Full-bodied, rounded, lightly sweet

Technical values for last harvest:
Alcohol: 11,50%
Total acidity; 6.70
pH: 3.04
Pressure: 4.80 atm
Dry extract: 17,80 g/l
Total SO2: 120 mg/l (legal maximum: 200 mg/l)
Residual sugar: 32.00 g/l

Serving suggestions:
A wine that decidedly appeal to the female wine consumer, with its exemplary elegance and subtle sweetness. Enjoy it with Chantilly lemon cream, strawberry bavarese, and Sachertorte