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Castello di Porcia

Principe Serafino

IGT della Venezia Giulia

Typology: White Wine
Vineyard size: 10.53 hectares, of which 1.00 is dedicated to the production of the Principe Serafino selection
Growing area: Azzano Decimo-Porcia (Pordenone)
Soil profile: Deep soil with a silty-loam texture, alkaline and rich in limestone
Grape variety: Chardonnay 60%, Sauvignon 40%
Aspect: Northeast-Southwest
Average age of vines: 40 Jahre
Number of vines per hectare: 3300
Production per hectare: 7500
bottles produced on average: 4600
Average altitude: 50 mt. asl
Vinification: The grapes are de-stemmed and pressed extremely gently, at a maximum pressure of -0.9 atm, and the must is settled by enzymatic clarification. 50% of the Chardonnay ferments with cultured yeasts in French and American oak barriques, then rests on the fine lees for some 8-10 months. The remaining wine ferments in steel at 14-15°C and matures on the fine lees for 3 months
Maturation: 30% oak and 70% steel
Bottle ageing: 12 months
Appearance: Gold-yellow with subtle greenish hints
Bouquet: Fruity and aromatic, with subtle notes of vanilla
Palate: Emphatic flavours, smooth, with a vanilla-scented finish

Technical values for harvest 2007
Alcohol: 13,00%
Total acidity: 5.50 g/l
pH: 3.42
Dry extract: 21.60 g/l
Total SO2: 80 mg/l (legal maximum: 200 mg/l)

Serving suggestions:
This smooth, rich blend is the perfect accompaniment to goose pâté, stewed cuttlefish with polenta, baked salmon in radish sauce, as well as sushi and sashimi

Some history: Principe (Prince) Serrafino belonged to the Bavarian branch of the family; he was Chamberlain to the Duke of Bavaria and Knight of the extremely rare Order of Sant’Uberto, then Principe di Porcìa, Conte d’Ortenburg and Mitterburg from 1785 to 1827. A philanthropist and literary figure, he lived many years in Venice, where surrounded by the peace of the lagoon, he wrote his Meditazioni sopra l’uomo (Meditations on man). The treatise reflected on the smallness of man over against the divine greatness, thoughts penned by a man who had personally witnessed the collapse of the Ancien Regime and the glory of Napoleon, as well as the successive Restoration. The personal history of this ancestor, Principe Serafino, philosopher and enlightened thinker, served as invaluable inspiration in the creation of this wine, whose label faithfully represents the gateway of the Castello Porcìa in Spittal (Carinthia, Austria), seat of the princely family until 1917

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