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The Farm

The Azienda Agricola Principi di Porcía, located in the Friuli Grave and Lison-Pramaggiore DOC zones, has for centuries now utilised a diverse array of mutually-complementary crops, along the traditional agricultural model, namely corn, soy, barley, silage, walnuts, poplars, wine, and milk. Such an approach ensures the consumer a product that is fundamentally ethical, healthy, safe, and at the same time of good value, all in a context of eco-sustainability.

All of this is made possible through a completely transparent internal production cycle: the cows are fed with the silage and grains in order to keep them in consistent good health and to keep levels of milk yield high.  Their organic waste, rich in nitrogen, phosphorous dioxide, and potassium, is an outstanding mechanism for soil fertility, which therefore has no need of massive applications of chemicals, nor of herbicides or pesticides. Crop diversification and rotation greatly reduce the need to work the soil, thus enabling better control and reduced use of chemical herbicides. Sustained soil fertility, therefore, ensures environmentally low-impact operations, including those of course in the vineyards as well.

 All of our fields have names – says the owner, Guecello Count di Porcia e Brugnera the name of an old farming family here and of the lands they worked: Burigane, Braide, Longo,Villa Biesa, Giacomini, Tesolin, Scherzi, Lovisotto …….150 hectares of land planted to vineyard that preserves a memory, the historical memory of those who worked it, planted it, re-planted it. Such fields are the testimony to those who, like me and my family, believe that business is an activity that is part of a much broader project, one that aims not simply at the sterile and much abused term “absolute quality,” that is not circumscribed by a finite product, but that is quintessentially characterised by the long, laborious process of obtaining it”.