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About us

 Our history

The roots of the noble house of the Porcía e Brugnera go back to the Middle Ages. The family is represented today by Principe Gherardo, with his son Guecello, and by his brother Paolo and his children Manfredo and Giulia, and their respective families. A document dating back in fact to 1181 attests to the family’s investiture as counts and to their ownership of feuds in western Friuli; at their centre is the massive Castello di Porcía, which played a prominent role over the centuries in significant political and cultural events.

The Principi di Porcía e Brugnera family has resided in these lands for over eight centuries, and with each successive generation has succeeded in keeping its prestige highly burnished and in preserving its local traditions and its connections with history. It has thus created in times long past impressive agricultural operations, and over time has succeeded in growing them into a prestigious farming estate that is not only the pride of the family itself but an integral part of Friuli history.

One of the region’s most influential agricultural enterprises, with properties in Azzano Decimo, Porcìa, and Pramaggiore, the farming operation comprises 850 hectares, of which 143 are in vineyard. Consistently utilising avant-garde equipment and cultivation practices, the estate has always focused on careful diversification of its products, and in so doing is able to reduce risks from adverse weather and to achieve sustainable development of its lands.

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